b. 1976

Brian Finke Resume

Raised in Texas and schooled in New York City, Brian Finke received his first award for photography at the age of 22, and soon defined himself as a documentary photographer at the World Press Master Class in 2001 for which he was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Photography in 2004. His cheerleading and football players series produced his first monograph entitled 2-4-6-8: American Cheerleaders & Football Players, which received much attention in New York City and abroad.

Finke’s work has taken him throughout the world to photograph and lecture. His photographs have been seen in solo exhibitions in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Jacksonville, and Houston, among others, and are in permanent collections worldwide. He lives in New York City.


U.S. Marshals

“U.S. Marshals,” shot over the course of four years, captures the culture, practices, and …

Hip Hop Honeys

Brian Finke attended five music video shoots in New York City to photograph the …


A series of portraits made while on assignment for “ESPN The Magazine.”


Brian Finke is now well-regarded for his photographs concentrating on select groups of people, …

Flight Attendants

Flying the friendly skies, Brian Finke spent the last few years photographing flight attendants …


Artist, Brian Finke, spent nearly two years photographing male and female bodybuilders at both …

Frat Boys

Originally an assignment from a magazine to shoot the ascendancy of frat boy fashions, …


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