From Patrick Lyon’s interview with Brian Finke for Merry Jane:

You may think of skimpy outfits, stacks of cash, and blunt smoke when you envision rap videos—and all of that’s in Hip Hop Honeys—but Finke mostly focuses on less glamorous out-of-frame scenes: a woman with a t-shirt over her knees checking her phone, another kneeling with a pillow protecting her rear end from a pair of spiky heels. Also vital to the book’s nuanced approach to rap culture is an introduction penned by music journalist Abigail Covington, who places the images in conversation with stereotypes, feminism, and some of the actual models themselves, who she interviewed while on-set with Finke.

Curious to find out what went into the making of Hip Hop Honeys, MERRY JANE hopped on the phone with the photographer to discuss his history of picking less-than-obvious subject matter, the differences between high- and low-budget rap shoots, and how his new body of work is about much more than simply bodies.

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