From the interview with Jasmine Wahi by Gabriel H. Sanchez for BuzzFeed News, regarding the exhibition “American Truth” at SVA Chelsea Gallery:

Jasmine Wahi: I think the truth is there are many truths. There are many realities and existences within our America. Our contemporary zeitgeist, which is predominantly dictated by popular media, pushes us toward an idea of polarity and binary divisions. Black or white, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, etc. There is very little acknowledgment of a middle ground of plurality, multidimensionality, and nuance.

I don’t think there is a singular American truth. I think there are a variety of truths, and these truths are rooted in the perspective and position of the believer.

I believe in a truth that says we are more than a monolithic culture and that we are more than a dualistic society. America is a cacophony of joy, violence, filth, urban sprawl, suburban cul-de-sacs, farms, migrant workers, apolitical people — the list goes on. My aim is to try to visualize just a little slice of this through the work of 20 artists.

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