Work by Brian Finke, Jesse Burke, and Henry Horenstein is included in “The
Image: Brian Finke, “Untitled (Frat Boys #1),” 2005, Chromogenic print.

Photographs by three of ClampArt’s artists—Brian Finke, Jesse Burke, and Henry Horenstein—are included in “The Drinking Show” at Sasha Wolf Gallery, July 10 – August 16, 2013:

Sasha Wolf Gallery is proud to announce, “The Drinking Show,” a group show about . . . drinking. Curated by Peter Kayafas, Matthew Pillsbury, and Sasha Wolf.

“The Art of Drinking”
We should always be drunk. That is the be-all and end-all, the only choice there is. To no longer feel the horrible burden of Time, which racks your shoulders and bows you downwards to earth, you must make yourself ceaselessly drunk. But drunk on what? Wine, poetry, virtue-whichever you prefer; only get drunk.
—Charles Baudelaire

Alcohol has been a central part of human culture for 10,000 years. It has flowed forth as the artist’s muse and ritualized symbolism, spawned political movements and religious devotion, been demonized and worshipped, forbidden and encouraged, studied and memorialized, and developed into a trillion dollar a year industry. Its relationship to every aspect of society (including those that haveforbidden it) has been subject matter of poets and artists for millennia.

This exhibition is intended to offer a glimpse of the role that drinking has played in the making of photographs, both as subject and inspiration. Beyond the stereotypes of the drunk artist (apt as they sometimes are!) these pictures playfully, sometimes seriously, depict how drinking looks: the relationship between drinkers and the drink, each other and the world around them. The curators suggest that the best way to view this selection of pictures is with a bit of a buzz on. To that end, and to quote the great impresario, Lincoln Kirstein, we highly recommend “everything in moderation, especially moderation.”

Sasha Wolf Gallery
70 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

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