From David Schonauer’s profile of Brian Finke for AI-AP’s Profiles:

Finke says that what he likes most about his job is the process of immersion it requires. “I love getting a call and going and shooting something and having an amazing experience — or not — but giving it a shot and then going onto the next thing. Photography is amazing in the way it lets you be out in the world,” he says. In Texas he turned his encounters with cowboys and cooks into an insider’s view of a distinctive American culture.

He’s done the same on dozens of other magazine assignments and personal projects, diving into subjects ranging from pot barons and hip hop honeys to body builders and sex vacationers, viewing them all with avid interest, the outlandish as worthy of his attention as the familiar, and maybe more so. Generally speaking, Finke enjoys exploring subjects that are like his favorite two-inch-thick bone-in rib-eye: juicy.

“It’s very much about where I came from and my original motivation for getting into photography,” Finke says. “I love that way of storytelling and that process. I really believe that there is nothing better than reality. People are incredible. I personally could never make up something as well as I could go and find it in the real world.”

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