From Jakob Schiller’s story for Wired:

The FBI may get all the love (and movies), but the U.S. Marshals Service is America’s oldest federal law enforcement agency. Brian Finke spent nearly four years embedded with the marshals, chronicling their daily lives with intimate, revealing images that peer into an often dangerous world.

“I felt like it was my own version of the TV show COPS,” Finke says.

The Marshals Service, created in 1798, is charged with things like apprehending fugitives, transporting and housing prisoners and protecting witnesses and federal judges. It didn’t take long for Finke to find himself in the middle of things. His first ride-along included a 120-mph pursuit of an escaped convict in Huntsville, Texas. Not too much later, he was in Las Vegas, where he joined marshals as they rounded up sex offenders and saw a young man overdose on heroin after swallowing his stash.

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