Flying the friendly skies, Brian Finke spent the last few years photographing flight attendants on carriers in the United States and abroad. The result of Finke’s wanderlust is his series “Flight Attendants,” a vibrant collection of photographs documenting the lives of those adventurous souls who choose to work at 40,000 feet. Shot before, during and after flights, the photographs capture the allure of the high-flying profession alongside the more quiet moments of the attendants’ daily lives. As with his previous series of photpgraphs, “2-4-6-8: Photographs of Cheerleaders and Football Players,” Finke is drawn to the distinctive dynamics of team formation, focusing on uniformed individuals executing practiced actions. With an eye for the iconic as well as the absurd, Finke seamlessly blends the glamorous with the casual, offering a memorable look at the people of the air travel industry.

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