From Allison P. Davis’ piece for New York Magazine‘s “The Cut”:

What do you call the women in hip-hop videos? The often nameless ones who are featured dancing or posing, whose presence signals baller status for the usually male rapper they are there to support—are they hip-hop honeys, video vixens, video girls, video hos, models, dancers? Are they revered, over-sexualized, demeaned, or empowered? Are they stars or set pieces? Who are the women you see in videos?

Photographer Brian Finke spent three years hanging out at backstage music-video shoots, getting to know these “hip-hop honeys,” as he calls them. He’s traveled from Las Vegas to New York, Miami to Los Angeles, compiling robust portraits of the women who appear in videos for artists like Busta Rhymes and Kanye West. The series will soon be released as a book of photos and interviews.

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