From Andrew Boryga’s article for The New York Times:

In Brian Finke’s photographs of the bodybuilding world, almost everyone and everything is ripped—even the trophies. Many of the men and women boast layers upon layers of muscles stacked like bricks, their thighs rippling with cuts and their bodies glowing from orange dye. Muscles are abundant, clothing is not: glittery bathing suits, thong-like “performance suits” and the occasional pair of heels.

Mr. Finke was sent to Las Vegas in 2003 by “Men’s Journal” to document the annual Mr. Olympia competition, a pageant of modern anatomic marvels. He completed the assignment but was still fascinated. “You can’t really capture how a body looks visually any better than you can in these competitions,” he said. “It’s such an extreme level.”

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