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During his decades-long career as an esteemed documentarian, Brian Finke has continually explored individuals as they exist in the worlds of their occupations. His first major project was a formal study of cheerleaders and football players in his home state of Texas. From there, Finke has documented bodybuilders, U.S. Marshals, flight attendants, construction workers—and even bounty hunters. What this seemingly disparate catalogue of professionals has in common is simple: their everyday “uniforms” mark them as one of many—a stand-in for the profession they occupy. Through Finke’s perceptive and empathetic lens, however, they become individuated. We see each individual as a person with a unique character, far beyond what their professional attire and their setting might imply about them. Finke allows the all-too-familiar to re-emerge as unfamiliar, as something new to the eye.

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