From Scott Indrisek’s interview with Brian Finke for Blouin Artinfo:

“What’s amazing about what I do and one of the reasons I feel very fortunate is that photographing allows me to enter all these amazing worlds. One day I’m photographing a BBQ story in Texas, then flight attendants in Detroit, then the next day hip-hop music video models — it’s always something new, and an extremely intoxicating and addictive way of life. My entry into photographing the marshals felt very natural. The very first day out we were driving 120 mph down the freeway to capture an escaped convict. It was such a thrill being there that all my photographs felt super heroic — actually too much so that they were almost like propaganda posters — but that was just because the images reflected how excited I was being there, and my reaction to the experience. It’s pretty bad-ass watching the marshals do their jobs.”
—Brian Finke

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