From the Alexia Foundation’s interview with Brian Finke:

Brian Finke: For years, I’d wanted to do a project about how we as a country police ourselves. That was the original, very broad motivation. My buddy, Cameron, who I was friends with in high school and then reconnected with many years after, had become a US Marshal. That’s how the project originally started.

For me it was amazing, putting on bullet proof vests and riding in right behind them. I had total respect for what they do. The pictures in the beginning almost felt too propaganda-like. It was just such an amazing experience–being there with them and being in awe of what they do.

I love being a storyteller with pictures. That’s why I love working on these longer term things and then having the opportunity to do a book where you just show so many pictures and are able to tell a story. I love to take pictures that touch on different sensibilities. Some that are very heroic. But also some that have a sense of humor or can be a little more heartfelt or sentimental or funny. When pictures touch on those different emotions, I think that’s what makes for a successful story. I think it’s very easy just to go do all one type of thing and be sarcastic about it.

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