From Gabriel H. Sanchez’s article for BuzzFeed News:

Photographer Brian Finke has a reputation for fully immersing himself deep within niches of US culture. His subjects — as varied as cheerleaders and flight attendants to US Marshals and construction workers — are part of the everyday fabric of life in the US, but when captured by Finke’s camera, are revealed to be more complex than what meets the eye.

His new book, Hip Honey Honeys, sheds light on a cornerstone of contemporary culture — the rap video. For three years, Brian Finke embedded himself behind the scenes of videos by artists such as Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, focusing not on the musicians and their entourages, but rather the women employed as extras on the sets.

Here, Brian Finke shares with BuzzFeed News a selection of pictures from the book and his words on what actually happens behind the scenes of high-profile hip-hop videos.

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