From Matthew Leifheit’s extensive interview with Brian Finke for Vice Magazine:

What’s a more exciting or suspenseful image than a hostile looking lady with a gun in the smoke-filled cabin of an airplane? I recently had a chat with Brian Finke about how he put all this together [his series of photographs of U.S. Marshals].

Vice: Do you think you are telling the truth about these people, or are they characters that represent an idea you’re trying to communicate?

Finke: When I chose to recreate something, it’s because it’s something I’ve seen happen before. I don’t ask anyone to do something they wouldn’t do anyhow, but sometimes it takes more time to capture the image I want. I always try to stay true to the subject.

A lot of what I’m interested in shooting is traditionally journalistic in terms of subject matter, but seen in a way that does not adhere to a traditional documentary style.

Since making this series, I’ve gotten a number of requests to do stories related to guns. “Wired Magazine” sent me on an assignment to go photograph John McAfee. Three days after I came back to NY, he went on the run when he was accused of killing his neighbor in Belize.

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