b. 1975

Joshua Lutz Resume

Joshua Lutz is an American artist working with large-format photography and video. Lutz was given his first solo exhibition at Gitterman Gallery during the summer of 2004. In 2008, Lutz’s first book, “Meadowlands,” was published with powerHouse Books. In essayist Robert Sullivan’s introduction to the monograph, he describes the Meadowlands as “. . .that giant swath of swamp and space that separates New Jersey from New York City, or, put another way, from New York City and the rest of the United States of America.” “The New Yorker” wrote: “Joshua Lutz takes the New Topographics of Adams, Shore, and Sternfeld into its current era of urban sprawl.” In the fall of 2008, Lutz had a solo exhibition for the “Meadowlands” series at ClampArt in New York City. 2013 saw the release of Lutz’s second book, “Hesitating Beauty.” A series of photographs revealing a different side of Lutz’s work—this body of work tells an extremely personal story of his mother. The book’s narrative carefully and thoughtfully encompasses the generally sensitive topic of mental illness. An exhibition of the work was mounted at ClampArt in New York City to coincide with the release of the monograph from Schilt Publishing.


This is a color photograph of board games piled up.
Mind the Gap

“There are these two worlds vying for my attention at all times. In one …

This is a color photograph of a young woman with thick, brown hair in a brown fur coat and knitted scarf in front of a white bridge.
Hesitating Beauty

In “Hesitating Beauty,” Lutz breaks down the structure of the photograph as truth and …

This is a color photograph of the interior of a recreational vehicle with a purple painted cabinet beneath a sink and a bench upholstered in a floral fabric.

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s discovery of Manhattan, Joshua Lutz and …

This is a color photograph of a blue body of water between a green hill and a bridge.

Joshua Lutz began photographing the Meadowlands ten years ago as a a documentary study …


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