From Audrey Molloy’s post at Aint-Bad concerning Joshua Lutz’s monograph “Mind the Gap”:

The images and text in Joshua Lutz’s third monograph Mind The Gap (Schilt Publishing, June 2018) unravel a story of attempting to find some assemblage of truth in the chaos of hierarchy, class, and privilege. It is a journey for clarity hijacked by sex, addiction, and mental illness. As we traveled from a black and white world of photographs into color the reader is confronted with a space of groundlessness. Protagonists in the story are found clinging and grasping to everything they believe to be true.

Mind the Gap points to the physical, mental, and psychological gap we are confronted with in our daily lives. It is a reference to the gap between thoughts as well as the gap between coherence and confusion. Caught between thinking something is one thing and the reality of what it is, Mind the Gap functions as a reminder of the effort needed to let go of the stories we tell ourselves and rest for a brief moment in the space between thoughts.

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