“There are these two worlds vying for my attention at all times. In one of them this diagnosis has metastasized to the brain and I am no longer able to care for my children. The bank takes over the house and I become an albatross in hands not fully formed. . . In the other world, noise shuts down for a very split second and the smallest fragment of light becomes a pathway to immortality. Color is no longer a placeholder and language no longer a tool. . . You can read this as small moments of clarity or large chunks of confusion. Either way, they mix with the noise and become gaps I long to posses.”—Joshua Lutz

The images and text accompanying this series attempt to locate some semblance of truth in the chaos of hierarchy, class, and privilege. It is a journey for clarity, hijacked by sex, addiction, and mental illness. As they travel between black-and-white and color photographs, the audience is confronted with a sensation of groundlessness. Protagonists in the story are found clinging to and grasping at everything they believe to be true.

“Mind the Gap” points to the physical and psychological gap one confronts in daily life. It is a reference to the gap between thoughts as well as the gap between comprehension and confusion. Caught between thinking something is one thing and the reality of what it actually is, “Mind the Gap” functions as a reminder of the effort needed to let go of the stories we tell ourselves and to rest for a brief moment in the here and now.

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