From Raffaele Vertaldi’s review of “Mind the Gap” for Il Sole 24 Ore:

If Hesitating Beauty took the form of memoir, and Meadowlands looked more like a concept album, to find the key to Joshua Lutz’s third monograph, it is probably necessary to summon poetry. It is on the uncomfortable ridge between documentation and interpretation that the American artist moves between the pages of Mind The Gap (Schilt, 2018), constantly poised between raw confession and literary invention. In the historical moment of minimal correspondence between photography and truth, through the eye of Lutz the social landscape of neo-topographic matrix is ​​transformed into the projection of a mind to the limits of hallucination where, in almost quantum mode, each scene is simultaneously represented that is shown to us and what the gaze creates before, during and after the observation. Given the precarious balance between coherence and confusion, between reality and lies, one wonders if the texts are to accompany and interrupt the flow of visual narration or rather the photographs to punctuate a stream of consciousness of which the aurore itself doubts until the end.

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