From Loring Knoblauch’s review of Joshua Lutz’s “Mind the Gap” for Collector Daily:

Of all the artistic mediums, photography is the best positioned to thoughtfully wrestle with this complex and multifaceted definition of truth – a photograph has always been one person’s version of reality, and depending how we judge a photographer’s choices (in everything from subject and framing to what’s made central and what’s left out), we realize that a whole range of variations, outcomes, and perspectives are potentially possible. Joshua Lutz’ new body of work Mind the Gap (seen in both this gallery show and a concurrently published photobook of the same name) embraces these inherent contradictions found in photography and leverages them into a smart series of images that attempts to locate this uncertain place in which we are now living.

The picture placed on the cover of the book is in many ways a perfect visual metaphor for our current mindset. The house of cards has long been used a symbol of the fragile posing as the stout, a structure that looks formidable but can be toppled with the smallest breath of wind. In Lutz’ version, the tower is made from cards adorned with nude pinups, our attention to the collapse of the house distracted by the titillating naked bodies. Its message about our present is clear – even though we know this house is sham, we’re happy to look at the sexy images while it tumbles down around us.

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