From Laurence Cornet’s review of “Mind the Gap” for the Photographic Museum of Humanity:

Joshua Lutz’s latest book, Mind the Gap, may at first look evoke a sequel of his previous one, Hesitating Beauty, which was a meditation on his relationship to his mother’s mental illness. A dive into Mind the Gap though reveals a very different approach. Texts and photographs intermingle to take on various forms of authorship – while some of the writings take on a diary-entry type of narrative, others are transcripts from foreign conversations, excerpts from newspaper reports, or pure fictions.

“I see it as a way of speaking about the suffering of the world we are going through, a quest for clarity within the confusion”, Lutz explains. The narrative unfolds, alternating between humour and darkness – the weirdness of the scenes he photographs can’t fail to bring a smile, as we can never be sure whether they are staged or not. As a matter of fact, they are not. It’s our mind trying to make sense of the odd. In the middle of the book, a still life of a board game called “The Game of life” sounds nearly philosophical in that context.

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