From the review of Joshua Lutz’s monograph “Mind the Gap” for Conscientious:

Vast parts of contemporary photography are of their time, dealing with their time in one way or another. That said, with its laser focus on the state of mind of the United States, Mind the Gap might be the most overt book to do so in a while.

As has become overabundantly clear over the past decade, but especially since a B-list reality TV star has become the latest occupant of the White House, that state of mind is not in a very good spot. Its many internal contradictions, the fragility of its underlying foundational myth (“the American dream”), and an embrace of a mercantilism and outright corruption that will not even stop at destroying the democratic fabric have resulted in a huge spasm, with one of the two major parties (Republicans) embracing illiberalism while essentially living in an utterly perverted Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

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