From Conor Risch’s review of Joshua Lutz’s “Mind the Gap” for PDN:

Sandy Hook. Columbine, CO. Pulse Night Club. Charlottesville, VA. These are place names that we all know; they are etched into our memories as signifiers of tragedy and suffering and intolerance and terror, and as flash points in conflicts between political ideologies. They are also titles of images in Joshua Lutz’s new book, Mind the Gap (Schilt Publishing), an exploration through photographs and text of how our society and the things we experience affect our mental health. It’s a personal story about Lutz’s own attempt “to understand more about my relationship to the world and the things around me…and all the various things that are pulling me away from actually coming to some sort of understanding and clarity,” Lutz says. It’s also a universal story because we as readers recognize the references and relate to the themes, including depression and suicide, economic inequality, the cost of healthcare, gun control, racism and misogyny.

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