From Conor Risch’s review in Photo District News:

Though it’s based on Lutz’s life growing up with a paranoid schizophrenic mother who eventually had to be hospitalized, the book is “fiction-ish,” Lutz says. Rather than trying to represent the lives of his family members, Lutz sought to convey the experience of attempting to “wrap my mind around my mom’s illness, my mom’s life, my life…” Through working on the book, which was published earlier this year by Schilt Publishing, and putting together his recent exhibition at ClampArt in New York City, Lutz has also learned that he’s not alone in his experience. “The thing that I’m finding in making this works is that the story is not that unique. That’s the sad thing, how many people are struggling and suffering.”

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Joshua Lutz, PDN, Conor Risch

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