By Raphael Shammaa for American Suburb X:

A head shot of a young woman in a stylish cocktail dress, eyelids interrupted in mid flutter and lips in mid speech, a strand of pearls adorning her delicate, vulnerable neck composes this book’s cover and the premise upon which its narrative weaves and builds. The title, “Hesitating Beauty”, is stamped across the cover in a WWII typewriter font. The stage is set. What kind of beauty is this?

To find out, open the book, look and read. The book can be described by what it’s not: linear. It’s not for the left brained, not rigorously chronological, and not tightly joined; the reader does all of this work. We know it’s about a woman, a young mother – and mental disease; about the precarious state of life and of happiness, but not much else.

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