From William Meyers’ review in The Wall Street Journal:

Joshua Lutz (b. 1975) established his reputation with the publication in 2008 of “Meadowlands,” a large-format book with meticulous pictures of the much-abused New Jersey wetlands. The 43 “Hesitating Beauty” pictures up at ClampArt were published last year in a much smaller format, but no less ambitious, book. The Beauty of the title was Mr. Lutz’s mother, who was a schizophrenic, bipolar mental patient, and died in 2011 at age 63. Most of the pictures were taken by Mr. Lutz, some when he was a teenager, but others were lifted from the family archives. Only about a third of the pictures are actually of his mother; others are of unidentified people, or scenes the photographer associates with his mother and her illness. Mr. Lutz has said growing up with a mother who was mad—she searched licence-plate numbers for hidden patterns, and unscrewed the telephone receiver to see if it was bugged—was terrifying, and it is that experience he tries to convey.

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