Hesitating Beauty
The Coming Insurrection
Quiet Room
Harlem Valley
Fall Risk, Haldol
On the Tragedy of Reflection
Pretty Boy Floyd
Devil, Devil
On Carpal Tunnel
Personal Belongings
Talking Trees
Day Pass
Cold Spring, New York
Signed, Sealed
Whitestone Bridge
Balancing Rock
Failed Attempt
Sunrise Over Saint Francis
Hold My Hand
On the Past and Present Future
Five Little Monkeys
Lake of Fire
Fuck You, I
Exit 17
Saint Francis
Praying for the Mantis
Do Not Wake
Screaming Ocean
Dead End
School Bus
Fresh Seafood
Potentially Grateful
Hometown Hero
Collapsing Wall
Hangnot, Slipnot
Needle and Thread
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In “Hesitating Beauty,” Lutz breaks down the structure of the photograph as truth and challenges the traditional function of the medium in building narrative. The project is an intimate portrait of the artist’s mother unlike any other photographic model.

Blending family archives, interviews, and letters with his own photographic images, Lutz spins a seamless and strangely factual (yet unflinchingly fabricated) experience of a life and family consumed by mental illness. Rather than showing us what it looks like, “Hesitating Beauty” plays with our conceptions of reality to show us what it feels like to grapple with a family member’s retreat from lucidity.

Work by Joshua Lutz

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