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Being a huge fan of Joshua Lutz’s first book, “Meadowlands,” I tore through the packaging of his newest book, “Hesitating Beauty,” the moment it arrived. “Hesitating Beauty” is a very different book than Meadowlands. Joshua takes his audience to a very personal place, and through a collage of his photographs, family letters and vintage family pictures, we are witnessed to lives affected by mental illness, by age, by love, by family and all of those ties that bind us together. Its honest and its quite beautiful. The mixing of the mediums has never been done better.

The book is so personal and raw, at times it feels wrong to look at it. But you will look and you can’t stop because the book will scream at you from the table, forcing you to examine it once again. Its a maze and there is no happy ending, its endless, its the stuff about life that you can’t walk away from, can’t look away from and its done so beautifully and with a level of respect, that I think, is incredibly hard to do while exposing so much. I highly recommend it.

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