Ion Zupcu writes:

I am primarily a photographer and a sculptor who has come to realize that my artworks are more about music, drawing, design, and architecture. In spite of this, my art conversation invariably culminates with photographic images.

Most recently, my longtime obsession with the music of Philip Glass has inspired me to imagine his music in visual form. Determining the appropriate color directions to mirror the sounds of the Etudes, or how to construct visual analogues to his satisfying note strikes/attacks, was as engaging a process as listening to the music itself. Each photograph in Etudes on Glass started with a line drawing; then I considered the relationships between lines, space, forms, light, color, proportions, and the structures of the foreground and background. The resulting paper sculptures were constructed as still lifes in my studio and photographed utilizing a traditional setup–camera, tripod, and natural light.

The photographs are best viewed while listening to Philip Glass’s Etudes in the background.

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