Stairs Building
Somewhere in the West Thirties
Three Buildings
Row of White Buildings
Commodore Criterion
Building Split
Charles and Seventh
Blue Coming Through
Flatiron Area
Holland Tunnel Tower
Goldman Sachs
L Shape
Many Windows in Chelsea
Northern Dispensary
Pierre Hotel
Rectangles and Bricks
Side of Building
The Space Between
Empty Lot in the West Village
Tower, Two
Wall Divided
White Building in Chelsea
Yellow Ochre Building
Perry and Seventh
New York Berlin
Building with Black Bar
Inside Out
Building Inside Buildings
Sapco Building
White Netting
Building Under Construction
Caged Windows
Houston Street
Two Corners
Across the Street
Four Windows
New York Telephone Company Building
Third Avenue and St. Marks

In this body of work, Yankus turns away from the soft focus which characterized much of his earlier imagery. In these photographs of the city, there is a very precise, almost hyper-real quality. The exactitude of the lines and the enormity of detail (down to the definition of individual bricks in the façade of a thirty-story building) imbue the photographs with the meticulousness of architectural renderings. However, Yankus plays off of the rigidity with a soft, subdued palette and a texture in the images which curiously seems to speak of history, memories, and the past.

The artist considers the photographs obscure and surrealistic portraits of New York City buildings. He writes, “In my new work, I have attempted to ‘rebuild’ New York through my own, imagined vision, in which the city’s historical buildings, so often taken for granted, exist as living presences.”

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