From Photography Monthly:

Photography Monthly: You’ve said that you don’t consider yourself an architectural photographer — what draws you to featuring architecture as a subject in your work?

Marc Yankus: I’ve always been drawn to the majestic details and materials of classical historical buildings, many of which are hidden from view, tucked behind new architecture. In these instances, I feel compelled to photograph the slivers of the old, of history, so I can recreate the rest of the building to make it whole again and restructure history. In my re-imagined vision of the city, the historical buildings are fully present, imbued with a hyper-real quality of precise, sharpened edges and meticulous details preserved in a soft, subdued palette. By digitally painting and layering textures, I silhouette the “figure” from “ground” so the building stands in calm, airy isolation for the viewer’s gaze.

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