From Aline Smithson’s story for Lenscratch:

On April 3rd, the wonderful Marc Yankus will open a new exhibition “The Space Between” at ClampArt in New York, running through May 17th. With this body of work, Marc shifts gears and moves away from his soft focus imagery and creates work that is both surrealistic and hyper-real. Marc states, “In my new work, I have attempted to ‘rebuild’ New York through my own, imagined vision, in which the city’s historical buildings, so often taken for granted, exist as living presences.”

Over the last three decades, Marc has built a reputation as an artist creating imagery with an uncanny eye for the beauty inherent in the structures of New York City and its denizens. Marc writes, “This work presents a subtle, surrealistic alteration of the architectural landscape found in New York City, where imagination and documentation meet. Some portraits are more detailed and others more abstract, but all serve to rebuild and honor the buildings while making a statement about altered perception, reality, and past preservation.”

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