Mark Morrisroe Resume

“Mark was an outlaw on every front—sexually, socially, and artistically. He was marked by his dramatic and violent adolescence as a teenage prostitute with a deep distrust and a fierce sense of his uniqueness. I met him in Art School in 1977; he left shit in my mailbox as a gesture of friendship. Limping wildly down the halls in his torn t-shirts, calling himself Mark Dirt, he was Boston’s first punk. He developed into a photographer with a completely distinctive artistic vision and signature. Both his pictures of his lovers, close friends, and objects of desire, and his touching still-lifes of rooms, dead flowers, and dream images stand as timeless fragments of his life, resonating with sexual longing, loneliness, and loss.”
Nan Goldin, 1993


This is a color photograph with written inscriptions in the margins picturing three men in various states of drag in a small interior space.
Hello from Bertha

CLAMP presents “Hello from Bertha” the gallery’s 3rd exhibit of photography by Mark Morrisoe with examples of his different art-making techniques

This is a silhouette of a man's head with green tones and a dark brownish-black background.
Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989)

CLAMP presents “Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989)” an exhibition of photographs, films, and ephemera; the first solo show of the artist’s work since ’99

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