From Alex Fialho’s review for Artforum:

It is easy to see how Mark Morrisroe’s tempestuous biography—teenage hustler; bohemian bad boy in Boston’s punk and artistic circles of the early 1980s; boyfriend to a young Jack Pierson—has often overshadowed the formal resonance of the photographer’s work. Yet overshadowed might serve as an operative word, as Morrisroe’s practice revels in darkened traces, hazy atmospheres, and grainy scenes. “Hello from Bertha” provides a lens into the impressive range and processes of Morrisroe’s too-short career (he died of AIDS-related complications at the age of thirty). Charting work made between 1981 and 1989, the exhibition brings together Polaroids, photogravure, cyanotypes, lithography, and transferred Super 8 film, among multiple other mediums.

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