From Peter Gallo’s review for Art In America:

The portraits are often carefully styled nudes in makeshift theatrical settings, and the sometimes have the appearance of grainy sepia-toned films; the influence of Jack Smith is widely evident, and, to some degree, that of Lucas Samaras, too. Other images—especially the self-portraits—are quite informal, or have the uncanny realism of snapshots. . . Some of these images are highly solarized. Some look like they were taken in the 19th century, or underwater, and bear all sorts of indexical marks—fingerprints, pressure marks, blotches and scrapes.

This intentional disregard for photographic hygiene extended to the use of handwritten annotations which sometimes frame the images. . . The writing gives the work a kind of punk “brut” or, dare I say, “outsider” quality.

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“Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989)

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