“The City (And a Few Lonely People)” is featured at PDN‘s “Photo of the Day”:

ClampArt’s exhibition takes [Olivia Laing’s] _The Lonely City_ as a springboard and explores isolation within urban spaces through pieces by artists specifically discussed by Laing in the book (Nan Goldin, David Wojnarowicz) and many others who traverse the same terrain. While Laing considers painters, writers, photographers, and performance artists in the book, “The City (And a Few Lonely People),” looks at loneliness specifically through a photographic eye concentrating on the late 20th-century to the present, including images by Diane Arbus, David Armstrong, John Arsenault, Clarissa Bonet, Larry Clark, Jen Davis, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Nan Goldin, Michael Massaia, Daido Moriyama, Mark Morrisroe, Lori Nix/Kathleen Gerber, Jack Pierson, Richard Renaldi, Laura Stevens, David Wojnarowicz, Frank Yamrus, and Marc Yankus.

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