Blue Boy
Double Image, Test Shots
Smoking, Sandcastles
At Cave Opening, Sandcastles
Slave Before the Emperor
Statues and Slave
Pink Flowers, Water Colors
Trunk, Water Colors
Lobster, Water Colors
Pearl, Water Colors
Hanging Off Bed
Willow Tree
Bobby Looking Out Shuttered Window
Huck Finn
Setting Down White Boot, First Cover
Harem Boy in Front of Peacock
Field of Blue Flowers
Bobby Kendall Seated in Chair Holding Phone
Leaning Against Urinal
Mythical Woodland, Snake Silhouetted by Moon (Blue Moon)
Pan from Behind
Street Scene

A stylistic precursor of such artists as Pierre et Gilles and David LaChapelle, James Bidgood revolutionized gay male erotic imagery. Bidgood was the first to take the pulp and glamour aesthetic of the 40s and 50s and apply it to male erotic fantasies.

From a cramped Hell’s Kitchen tenement apartment in the 1960s, artist James Bidgood was amazingly able to complete the bulk of his creative output – – photographs which employ vibrant colors and exaggerated props and costumes to celebrate the male form.

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