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James Bidgood, the filmmaker behind the underground gay classic Pink Narcissus, has died at age 88.

Bidgood, who was also a photographer, drag performer, and fashion designer, died Monday at his apartment in New York City, according to The Bay Area Reporter.

Bidgood shot Pink Narcissus over the course of seven years, mostly in his small Manhattan apartment; he was its writer, director, and cinematographer. It depicted the fantasies of a young gay sex worker, played by Bobby Kendall, Bidgood’s roommate. The other cast members included Don Brooks and Charles Ludlam, the famed avant-garde theater artist.

The film was released in 1971 and was extremely popular on the underground film scene, but due to differences with a producer, Bidgood had his name removed from it. The director was listed as “Anonymous” and for many years was believed to be Andy Warhol.

Pink Narcissus was restored and re-released by Strand Releasing in 1999, and Bidgood began to receive recognition. “Bidgood created breathtaking camera movements, elaborate forest scenes, wild Persian fantasy sequences, and a neon netherworld,” Ed Sikov wrote in The Advocate that year. Bidgood said he appreciated the attention, but he would rather have received it years earlier.

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