From William Van Meter’s story for The New York Times:

“It’s like I survived a train wreck and everybody else died and my name is associated with that disaster,” says James Bidgood of his first and last film, “Pink Narcissus,” a 1971 erotic fantasia that contrasts a hustler’s satin reveries with sordid reality. On March 21, it will be shown at the IFC Center in New York as part of “Queer/Art/Film.” Bidgood, 77, is debating whether or not to go. “I can’t look at it.”

“Pink Narcissus” may be a benchmark of underground gay cinema, but for decades its director was forgotten. Rumors circulated that the film was by Andy Warhol or Kenneth Anger. Bidgood didn’t get any credit and didn’t want any. It was the making and unmaking of his artistic career.

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