Untitled (Self Portrait in Hospital Gown)
Untitled (Self-Portrait on Bed)
Ramsey, Lake Oswego
Fascination (Jonathan)
Janet Massomian
Sandy (Shower)
Pre-Nympho Pia, Young Pia Howard (Nude in Bathtub)
P-town Gal (Rose), Provincetown
Pat Hearn Reclining
Untitled (David Wojnarowicz)
Double Image of Pat Hearn
Untitled (Self Portrait with Tina Turner)
Self Portrait As Cupid
Untitled (Tabboo!)
Double Male Nude in Grass (Negative)
Untitled (Portrait of Robert in Front of Floral Fabric)
Untitled (Close Up of Robert in Front of Floral Fabric)
Untitled (Paul Henderson Seated in Mark Morrisroe’s Apartment)
Untitled (Paul Henderson Seated in his Favorite Striped Shirt)
Untitled (Trey with Spot)
Untitled (Cat Eyes)
Self Portrait
Val (Bruce is King/Female Nude)
Corrine vanDerbrock
Man in Jockstrap
Tom of Finland
Gail Thacker
Bill with Friend (No. 2)
Untitled (Tina Turner)
Malcolm Travis
Untitled (Eggs #1)
Untitled (Flower Study)
Reclining Nude is Laura Brown
Untitled (Jonathan) [Portrait of Jack Pierson]
Untitled (Stephen and Jonathan) [Portrait of Stephen Tashjian and Jack Pierson]
Untitled (Janet with Cat)
Untitled (Lady Hamlet)
Untitled (Pat)
Untitled (Lynelle, Close-up)
Untitled (Lynelle)
Untitled (View from Jersey City Apartment)
Untitled (Female Nude)
Untitled (Still Life with Chanel Bag)
Untitled (Self Portrait)

Mark Morrisroe Resume

“Mark was an outlaw on every front—sexually, socially, and artistically. He was marked by his dramatic and violent adolescence as a teenage prostitute with a deep distrust and a fierce sense of his uniqueness. I met him in Art School in 1977; he left shit in my mailbox as a gesture of friendship. Limping wildly down the halls in his torn t-shirts, calling himself Mark Dirt, he was Boston’s first punk. He developed into a photographer with a completely distinctive artistic vision and signature. Both his pictures of his lovers, close friends, and objects of desire, and his touching still-lifes of rooms, dead flowers, and dream images stand as timeless fragments of his life, resonating with sexual longing, loneliness, and loss.”
Nan Goldin, 1993


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