Rachel Hulin, Red Roses
Red Roses
Rachel Hulin, White Roses
White Roses
Rachel Hulin, Thirty-Five
David Bishop, Edible Flowers: Flame Peony
Flame Peony
David Bishop, Edible Flowers: Hollyhock.2
Denny, Frances F., Better Together
Better Together
Denny, Frances F., Whatever As If
Whatever As If
Pipo Nguyen-duy, Monet's Garden, Giverny Untitled 28
Untitled 28
Pipo Nguyen-duy, Monet's Garden Untitled 23
Untitled 23
Pipo Nguyen-duy, Untitled 25
Untitled 25
Pipo Nguyen-duy, Untitled
Untitled 26
Lindsay Morris, Meadow
Jeff Kresser, David Armstrong
Jeff Kresser
Pacifico Silano, Floral in Red, Black, and White
Floral in Red, Black, and White
Wild Roses, Palmer Davis
Wild Roses
Palmer Davis, Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
Robert Voit, Dryopteris filix mas
Dryopteris Filix Mas
Robert Voit, Carthamus Tinctorius
Carthamus Tinctorius
John Arsenault, 1:22 pm
1:22 pm
John Arsenault, 1:44 pm
1:44 pm
John Arsenault, 1:07 pm
1:07 pm
John Arsenault, 1:02 pm
1:02 pm
Mark Beard, Bruce Sargeant, Floral
[Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938)] Floral
Nancy Burson, The Growth of Technology in the Garden
The Growth of Technology in the Garden
Nancy Burson, The Growth of Technology in the Garden
The Growth of Technology in the Garden
Sandi Fellman, Deception 63
Deception #63
Sandi Fellman,_Deception 36
Deception #36
Sandi Fellman, Deception 38
Deception #38
Field #16
Aziz + Cucher, Field #13
Field #13
Amy Elkins, David
Amy Elkins, Justin
Manjari Sharma, Maa Laxmi
Maa Laxmi
Manjari Sharma, Lord Brahma
Lord Brahma
Doris Mitsch, Darkness R
Darkness R
Dorris Mitsch, Lotus 2
Lotus 2
Bee on Plum Blossom
James Welling, 001, E+B (from Flowers)
001, E+B (from “Flowers”)
James Welling, 001, A+7 (from Flowers)
001, A+7 (from “Flowers”)
James Welling, 001, A (from Flowers)
001, A (from “Flowers”)
Frank Yamrus, untitled (Sunflower)
untitled (Sunflower)
Calla Lilies
Jeannette Montgomery Barron, Poppy
Lori Nix, Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden
Amy Stein, Nursery
Jesse Burke, Wisteria
Jesse Burke, Cherry
Ion Zupcu, After Andy Warhol
After Andy Warhol
Ion Zupcu, Good Morning, Karl
Good Morning Karl
James Bidgood, Willow Tree, Bruce Kirkman
Willow Tree
James Bidgood, Field of Blue Flowers (Bruce Kirkman)
Field of Blue Flowers
John Arsenault, Things Change
Things Change

July 25 – September 3, 2016

Co-curated by Brian Paul Clamp and Raechel McCarthy

In celebration of the gallery’s move from West Chelsea to a much larger storefront space in the Flower District of Manhattan, ClampArt is pleased to present the online exhibition “Everything’s Coming Up Roses!”—a group show including artworks by David Armstrong, John Arsenault, Aziz + Cucher, Mark Beard, James Bidgood, David Bishop, Jesse Burke, Nancy Burson, Palmer Davis, Frances F. Denny, Amy Elkins, Scott Daniel Ellison, Sandi Fellman, Rachel Hulin, David Johndrow, Doris Mitsch, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, Lindsay Morris, Pipo Nguyen-duy, Lori Nix, Manjari Sharma, Pacifico Silano, Amy Stein, Robert Voit, James Welling, Frank Yamrus, and Ion Zupcu.

After 14 years in the same building on West 25th Street, the neighborhood has drastically changed, and we are enthusiastic about forging new territory and expanding. The Flower District is part of the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan just two avenues east of our previous location—more easily accessible to the blue A/C/E subway line on 8th Avenue and the red 1/2/3 subway line on 7th Avenue.

The new three-level space has a large main floor with a two-story storefront and 19-foot ceilings. A mezzanine with a viewing room and private office overlooks the main gallery and then back onto a secondary gallery space. All three floors total nearly 3,000 square feet.

During the construction period, the gallery will be open by appointment only through early to mid-October. The inaugural exhibition will be a solo show of New York cityscape photographs by artist Marc Yankus. This will be Yankus’ fifth solo show with ClampArt.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to our new home!

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