Palmer Davis, Laundry
Staircase with Laundry
Palmer Davis, Open Door
Open Door
Palmer Davis, Mechanic
Palmer Davis, Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Palmer Davis, Canal with Boat
Canal with Boat
Palmer Davis, Silent Piano
Silent Piano
Palmer Davis, Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Palmer Davis, Portal
Palmer Davis, Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream
Palmer Davis, Woodsman
Palmer Davis, Street Musicians
Street Musicians
Palmer Davis, Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake
Palmer Davis, Afternoon Light
Afternoon Light
Palmer Davis, White Car
White Car
Palmer Davis, Ragazzi
Palmer Davis, Climbing Up
Climbing Up
Palmer Davis, Bathers V
Bathers V
Palmer Davis, Palace Interior
Palace Interior
Palmer Davis, Stray Cats
Stray Cats
Palmer Davis, Three Chefs
Three Chefs
Wild Roses, Palmer Davis
Wild Roses
Nowhere, Palmer Davis
Sunlit Staircase, Palmer Davis
Sunlit Staircase
Wonderland, Palmer Davis
House on the Hill, Palmer Davis
House on the Hill
At the Kitchen Table, Palmer Davis
At the Kitchen Table
Unmade Bed, Palmer Davis
Unmade Bed
Fog, Palmer Davis
Last Glimmer, Palmer Davis
Last Glimmer
Summer Idyll, Palmer Davis
Summer Idyll
Palmer Davis, Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
Lift Off, Palmer Davis

Palmer Davis’ journey with the camera began at age sixteen with a photography class that would prove to be a life-changing experience. He went on to study photography at Hampshire College and at the International Center of Photography, where he is now a member of the faculty. Having honed his photographic eye over a twenty-five year career as a Madison Avenue advertising creative director, Davis now travels the globe capturing scenes of quiet beauty that reveal the mystery and magic of everyday life.

In his series “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” Davis captures moments that reveal much more than the singularity of the present. An image may evoke a memory or reveal a sense of the possibilities held within that very moment, its past or its future. In that sense, Davis says his camera is a time machine. “It has the amazing capacity to evoke a sense of place at a particular moment in time.”

Davis traveled across the United States for three years to make his series “Here and Now.” Created in memory of his father, who urged Davis to embrace each day, he explores what it means to be fully present: “It’s about claiming graspable, heightened moments, when life opens up, time expands and some essential truth is revealed. It’s an exercise in living in the wonder of now.”

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