In celebration of the gallery’s move from West Chelsea to a much larger storefront space in the Flower District of Manhattan, ClampArt is pleased to present the online exhibition “Everything’s Coming Up Roses!”—a group show including artworks by David Armstrong, John Arsenault, Aziz + Cucher, Mark Beard, James Bidgood, David Bishop, Jesse Burke, Nancy Burson, Palmer Davis, Frances F. Denny, Amy Elkins, Scott Daniel Ellison, Sandi Fellman, Rachel Hulin, David Johndrow, Doris Mitsch, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, Lindsay Morris, Pipo Nguyen-duy, Lori Nix, Manjari Sharma, Pacifico Silano, Amy Stein, Robert Voit, James Welling, Frank Yamrus, and Ion Zupcu.

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PDF of the press release
Press Release | “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”