From Jonathan Cherry’s interview with Palmer Davis for Mull It Over:

JC: What did you want to be growing up?
PD: As a child, I liked spending time alone, lost in a fantasy world of my own making. I’d while away the hours on our backyard swing set, singing songs like Moon River, dreaming about being an artist, a writer, an actor or a singer—not a rock star, but a schmaltzy crooner like Andy Williams or Perry Como—the kind I watched on television variety shows back in the early 1960’s. It never occurred to me that those were unlikely professions for a boy growing up in New Britain, Connecticut.
JC: Where are you based right now and how is it shaping you?
PD: I divide my time between New York City, where I teach and Larchmont, NY, where I live. It’s the perfect balance between urban stimulation and the peaceful calm of small town life. I’m also a born and bred New Englander who has spent much of his life in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve always appreciated the sense of place this natural, timeless landscape provides. It’s fundamental to who I am and informs my image-making process. On a broader scale, I’m often told that many of my images feel uniquely American.

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