Wild Coast Wave
Eastern Cape Bull
Flamingo Skim
Alexandria I
Alexandria II
Alexandria Coast
Wild Coast Herd
Flamingo Glide
Dolphin Twist
Goliath Heron
Sundays River Meet
Wild Coast Turtle
Wild Coast Flock
Alexandria Heart
Natal IV
North West Land
Springbok Stand
Sundays River Expanse
North West Pan I
North West Pan II
North West Flock
Springbok Tracks
Springbok IV
Wild Coast I
Wild Coast II
Wild Coast III
Wild Coast IV
Springbok V
Wildebeest Wander
Springbok Run
Gemsbok Herd
Springbok Amongst Tracks
North West Liftoff
Wild Coast Bull
Springbok VI
Indian Ocean
Springbok Shadow
Sundays River Edge
Wild Coast Bulls

From the passenger seat of a light-sport aircraft, Zack Seckler took to the skies above South Africa in his latest mission to capture stunning aerial views of land, sea, and wildlife. His abstract, minimalist photographs offer an extraordinary perspective of our planet’s most remote locations. Seckler states: “I liken it to being over a giant canvas and being able to create brushstrokes. . .” He continues: “From elevations between 50 and 500 feet, the landscape hovers on the line between things looking very real and recognizable and being more abstract. That’s what really draws me in—the line between reality and abstraction.”

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