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Those who travel beyond the terrestrial realm — explorers and astronauts who have gazed back from the surface of the moon or a space station in orbit — report a certain cognitive shift in awareness, a new and heightened sense of the “big picture.”

This psychological phenomenon is known as the Overview Effect. To see the entirety of our home and our loved ones, the total sphere of human existence, as a pale blue dot suspended in the full, vast darkness of the void is understandably described as both overwhelming and awe-inducing. But is it possible to achieve the same life-changing and now imperative perspective shift without leaving the troposphere?

Flying with the birds in ultralight aircrafts, photographer Zack Seckler evokes wonder and awe in aerial abstracts. The effect is surprisingly grounding; a solitary sea turtle commands attention in a South African canvas of blue, a loafing group of seals by an Icelandic glacial river delta assert the otherworldly beauty and majesty of our common home, a watercolor “painting” demands a closer look. Seen from above, wildlife in ethereal habitats speaks to a certain headspace where deep-seated perceptions are confronted and reality is reordered. In each photo is a unique vision with a call to action: rise above and protect.

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