From Giulia Ficicchia’s article for frizzifrizzi [translated from Italian]:

Nowadays one of the activities that we least practice is to strive to see things from a different point of view: we ask ourselves what shape the clouds have, but not what is instead the shape of the space between them, for example.

There should be an inner celebration when we succeed in doing so, when we manage to strain our concentration and imagination a little more than the average, or, if laziness has taken possession of us, it would also be good to let us be led by the gaze of others.

You could make a first attempt with Zack Seckler’s aerial photo series (which is also on Instagram ), made – for now – in Botswana, Iceland and South Africa. From the height of 150 meters we are definitely not used to seeing things, nor are we able to do it as easily as Zack seems to present them to us.

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