Watch the creation of Zack Seckler’s “South Africa”
Image: Still from “Zack Seckler: South Africa” video

[Zack Seckler]: For seven days, a pilot and I flew from dawn to dusk over remote regions in South Africa with a singular goal: to create spectacular images. We improvised our route along the way, many times not knowing where we were going to land our plane, eat our next meal or sleep that night. For over 2000 miles we let the aesthetics of nature guide us. Sunshine, herds of animals and textured landscapes were our waypoints.

My special thanks to pilot David Daniel and plane owner Rick Wilson for helping us get airborne.

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An exhibition of Zack Seckler’s photographs from “South Africa” will be on view at ClampArt until May 26, 2017.

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Raechel McCarthy, Associate Director