Bruce Bellas, Los Angeles
Robert Kendall
David Gregory
Hugh Pendleton
Tore Farsen
Unknown Model
John Knight
Unknown Model
Edmmund Holovchik (Ed Fury)
Drew Burton and Paul Strand
Erhardt Weikert
Unknown Model
Bart Horne
Terry and Jon Sommers
Butch Robbin
Bill Gregg
Jerry Roguemore

One of the most famous names in physique photography, Bruce Bellas (1909–1974)—best known under the pseudonym Bruce of Los Angeles—is remembered today as a pioneer of beefcake.  Beginning in the 1940s and continuing until his death in the 1970s, Bruce of LA photographed countless strapping male models. He crafted a refined, masterful aesthetic of erotica, whose influence would later surface in the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, and many others.