Marc Yankus has 18-page portfolio in Issue 02 of August magazine

The recently-launched August journal is a “new kind of travel magazine: Each issue focuses on one location, immersing the reader in its rich art, architecture, and design scene, and sharing encounters with locals, their habits, and their pleasures—in other words, the sights and souls that form the fabric of each city’s unique culture.” Their second issue explores New York City and features an 18-page spread of Marc Yankus’ photography in NYC’s outer boroughs:

The photographer Marc Yankus has been documenting New York’s architecture for years, mining the landscape not for its monetary but artistic value. His celebrated ‘Secret Lives of Buildings’ series depicts a serene, and often surreal view of Manhattan’s grand built environment. But like a good developer, Yankus has lately been venturing beyond the Broadway corridor to scout something new and undervalued. Shown here are buildings and houses mostly in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island—the “outer boroughs,” in local parlance—that reveal the unassuming side of the city’s trillion-dollar market. Although more modest than their Manhattan counterparts, these buildings expand our definition of New York City real estate, and transform our understanding of its value.

View a PDF of Marc Yankus’ portfolio in the New York issue of August

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