Botswana Bath
Dry Earth, Water
Dense Flora
Earth Water Fade
Fading Tracks
Human Trace
Kalahari Crossing
Lone Bull
Moving West
Okavango River
Okavango Swirl
Reflections on Delta
Tracks and Water
Tswana at Dawn
Tswana Herd

“Botswana” is comprised of a series of exquisite aerial photographs taken in the Kalahari basin in south central Africa between 2009 and 2010. The body of work offers a quite different and almost magical view of the much-photographed and iconic landscape. In order to be able to capture these breathtaking images, Seckler enlisted the services of an expert pilot who flew a small, ultra-lightweight aircraft at low altitudes under 500 feet.

Work by Zack Seckler

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